Sound it Out – Best of Lists – 2014


Here are Buddy‘s favorite records of the year. Buddy was the subject of our first ever post here at Sound it Out and he’s one of our favorite humans.

His musings on 2014:

I’m never usually one to wish a calendar year to end, but I’m looking forward to a fresh year.  I liken 2014 to a Marmaduke cartoon: He’s smoking a pipe, wearing a robe and slippers, and sitting in a fancy leather chair. A human walks in and says “But Marmaduke, those are PEOPLE slippers!”. The cartoon is terrible, but it’s actually somehow WAY funnier than the Family Circus cartoon directly next to it. 2014 was was a Marmaduke year:  It wasn’t amazing but it certainly wasn’t Family Circus bad. Here’s to 2015 being one of the better Far Side’s.

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